Plastic Surgery of the Gums

Periodontal plastic surgery is defined as “surgical procedures performed to prevent or correct anatomic, developmental, traumatic, or disease induced defects of the gingiva, alveolar mucosa or bone.” Periodontal plastic surgery includes the following procedures:

  • Augmentation of gum tissues surrounding natural teeth and implant restorations
  •  Soft tissue grafting procedures to cover tooth roots
  • Implant abutment coverage using soft tissue grafting procedures
  • Correction of soft tissue defects around implants to allow for healthy gum tissue
  • Edentulous ridge augmentation to prepare for conventional or implants borne crowns or bridges
  • Ridge preservation after extraction sites for future crowns, bridges, or implants
  • Revision or removal of abnormal attachments to the gums from the lips (frenula)
  • Revision or reconstruction of inter-dental papilla or inter-implant papilla
  • Esthetic, surgical sculpting of the gum tissue to improve the smile and tooth exposure during smiling